Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspiration in unlikely places...

Below is a message from an old Uni mate that really moved me.

Live your truth and be open to any inspiration that speaks to you no matter how big or small it is - we all have the ability to reach others and connect with people...share now...


Hey pal,
Well i thought id let you know that after reading some of your old blogs a couple of weeks ago that they have acted as somewhat of a catalyst of some major change in my life. Although I had recently done the 10 day vipassana course (somewhat of a coincidence) it was the following your dream, extending yourself to achieve a reality that you might not have thought possible and the fact that there are some amazing people out there (this was the messages I took anyway).
The change. Well after 1 1/2 yr of having a terrible manager I told my director that I quit. funny how things work out because she turned around told me that she would restructure our entire office so that I stay and if it comes to it she can leave and I stay.
So thank you and keep living the dream.


Live your truth...

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