Tuesday, November 3, 2009



I have been practicing a form of healing called - The Body Mirror System - for over 18 months now. The system was devised by Martin Brofman and is a blend of Western psychology principles and Eastern philosophies (Chakras).

What interests me most about healing is that it has enabled me to take full responsibility for my own health and well being. It has enabled me to overcome a number of emotional hurdles that were holding me back in life. Now physically I have never been better...no more headaches...feeling great.

So now after doing healings for friends and friends of friends...and friends or friends...of friends...over the last year I am now open to making myself available for private healings. Please email me for details...and remember I am always available for distance healing too...

Healing is also an unconditional gift to share with the world - we are all healers. It wasn't until I started to open up to the love around me - to be open to receiving - that things really started to open up for me. Love heals...

If you are interested in more information on the Body Mirror System please visit:


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