Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year...

Hi Guys,

Happy new year...I've been on quite the journey of late.

Late November 2009 I found myself traveling in the United States for the first time. I had a great stay in Portland, Oregon - with my first couch surfing hosts...amazingly talented people and I loved the food and coffee culture (Even did my first industry standard Coffee tasting)...

San Francisco was next stop - what a large city...I of course decided to walk to Ocean Beach from the centre of town (towards the part of the map that was slightly off scale) - it was a great journey and I snapped some great pics at sunset.

From there it was onto London...I spent a few weeks in Hitchin with great friends and then headed up to liverpool to see my cousin and his wife.

Christmas found me tripping over to France for an intensive Level 1 course in the body mirror system...All part of an amazing journey. I wanted to be healed of a focus on lacking and to restore my left eye to perfect vision. Both related to the solar plexus chakra...something has definitely opened up for me during the experience. I have never had so much trust in myself and my journey...I am learning the best place for me is being in the now and I now know that feeling my way through life is the only way to go.

I was able to touch base with the whole system of healing and shared some great healing experiences with fellow healers. The main theme from the four days of the course for me was:

Acceptance - unconditional acceptance...infinite acceptance...

I wish you all magical things for the year - in each and every moment...


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