Monday, March 15, 2010

Courage & Truth

Magic happens and so does life...I have been out and about but will be posting more regularly from now on.

Just a reminder everything I post is a conversation so it would be great to hear some of your own ideas and comments.That is what life is about - sharing, opening up and reaching people along the way...we can all make a difference and that difference is soar...

Great news is I have cracked my mission of coming up with one method of reaching people through self development. I have the concept and it in the next few years it will come together...actually no time limits - the universe will take care of that.

Chatting with a great friend on Facebook over the weekend the topic of being courageous came up or brave may have been the term. I left the conversation feeling so happy to have been chatting to someone I hadn't chatted to for some months and thinking about the existence of courage and doing things out of the ordinary...

I must admit that I don't see myself as being courageous or brave by living the life that is true to me. It is a choice and everyone has a choice. As I have previously said that when I realised I create my own reality or the have the potential to create great things in life - my healing journey, this blog 'Live Your Truth' and my choice to pursue a spiritual path are all outcomes of me saying to myself:

"Hey...what can you create...where can you take yourself?"

People can see this as unlocking one's potential, setting life goals, living the law of attraction but for me it is all about talking to my spirit, my inner voice - intuition.

So I know that my truth, my very existence on this plane is to help others find their truth, which today explains my request for comments, questions and your own personal insights on anything you would like to share. Healing and working with chakras is the way I am able to do this - in addition to this blog. Perhaps it would be useful to put together a few posts specifically on healing - how it works and how it can help us all...Your thoughts?

I am also thinking of sharing a few things I hope to manifest this year. The first is to link up with a healing practice here in Victoria and I have had a few opportunities pop up in the past three days and I look forward to sharing more soon. I will put together my list of manifestations and post them up soon...the ultimate way of opening up and living a life without fear...

So now that the conversation has started - please tell any friends who may find this interesting and I'll leave you today with a few questions:

If there is something holding you back in life - what do you see it as being?

What is your one wish?

How can this wish present itself in your life?


What is your truth?

And here's to making living your truth not courageous...not brave...but the norm for our time and all time...

Live your truth

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