Saturday, February 12, 2011

E.T - I Love You...

When Elliot had thought E.T had died the last thing he said before walking away was,

"I love you"

E.T then comes back to life.. The two of them are connected in a way that enables them to feel each other's emotions, feelings, thoughts. We also see that plant life is connected as a living breathing organism. None of this is an accident and was all beautifully written by Melissa Mathison and presented by Steven Spielberg.

Why am I writing this? Well the words "I love you" stayed with me - the very moment he came back to life. The expression of love came at a time when the person had passed on. Love is more than an expression, it is something to be felt, to be experienced. Experience it on this plane of existence - in this life time. Express it - yes - certainly do so without fear. Then be open to receiving love from those around you.

The opposite of this way of being would be living in resistance and fear. Ask yourself where in my life am I resisting? Resisting your inner self - your truth. Being someone else to the outside world? There is nothing brave about resistance. We are accustomed to hanging on when we should be letting go. Love is free.

We aren't at all different from anyone else on this earth. Put colour, race, religion all aside. We are physically in this lifetime to find what our truth is and be that person your spirit wishes to be - this is the alternative to the lives we currently lead.

Start now - express love to someone you are currently offering resistance to - offer love and tell them you accept them for who they are.

The heart chakra is all about love and acceptance. Our respiration system is linked to our heart chakra. Every breath is a reminder that love isn't something to chase or seek or find - it's around us, it's within us - with every breath we take.

Enjoy your weekend - Namaste...

Live your truth...

"In loves existence there is no resistance"

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  1. Beautifully written! Yes, our very nature connects us as people, as beings, and we can feel what another feels, even go through ailment spells those we are connected to go through, and also can feel their true states of positivity.
    This is what Shamanism deals with, but in essence, the beings came before Shamanism arrived - which was just another way of naming that which is.
    In essence, we all are that. I wonder what will happen when the majority of people within one life span on this planet fully acknowledges this fact...