Monday, March 7, 2011

The Poor Man's Speech

I'm currently at home in Australia - my first visit in nearly two years. It's been wonderful to see so many loving friends and family since I arrived.

Martin Brofman emailed this link a few days ago and I just read it. It's about an Oscar Winner, who overcome a stammer early in his life and I was happy to read about how he visualised his way out of cancer.

Think about a time you have used visualisation? What were your experiences, thoughts, feelings?

In the past I have used it for many things, or to get 'stuff'. Like a job at the Winter Olympics, during a time in my life when things like this were important to me.

Looking at today and the present moment, my truth regarding visualisation is that it works. I use it daily to ensure I stay open - I keep my heart open to love and acceptance - it often serves as a reminder to live what is true to me and not to do what does not work for me. The practical application of this is to see an open heart filled with white light and by saying the words love and seeing this, open and flowing energy of love.

I'm very pleased to be home in Australia and that I have some healings coming up this week, something I have manifested.

My wish is that we all can experience successful visualisation experiences in line with our beliefs - our truth. If you want to use it at work to imporve your working relationships then do it. If you want to use it to feel happier or better about yourself then jump on board.

First - see it as a tool that works, then apply it, then trust it is happening, getting better and better, moment to moment. Then share your experiences so that we no longer view health and health care as out of reach. That we see it as free.

Our best medicine lay in our mind, our hearts, our being.

Anything can be healed.

Live Your Truth

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