Monday, October 24, 2011


Just wanted to share a gift I wrote for a great friend of mine who celebrated his 73rd Birthday recently...


Little boy skips along the shoreline
He knows no thought
His spirit guides him
Footprints behind him
Never looking back

Darkness falls
Fear washes away the footprints to guide him home
The grip of darkness tightens
It is there
One cannot see it

His spirit goes quiet
No longer heard
He no longer sees choice

He grows defeated
Trapped in a bottle
A voice echoes
"Will somebody - anybody listen"

He hears
His spirit wakes
He hears
He takes his stand

Heart prints appear
He sees
They lead him home

The trees
The rocks
The eagle
The bear
All begin to speak
He listens
United as one

As his spirit guides him through the sunset of life
The wise old man walks slowly along the beach
One step
Then another

He turns
To see his footprints washed away
He smiles, as his spirit says;
"Home is that a way"

Live your truth...

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