Friday, October 28, 2011

Success stories & Website...

Happy Saturday...

I'm working on a healing website in between writing a book. Part of the site will include healing success stories from people I have worked with. I thought I would share one today and look forward to publishing the website within the next week.

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Live your truth...

"I had been experiencing troubled sleeps, regular headaches and back pain. I had originally put these things down to old sporting injuries, a hectic workload and a mattress past it’s used by date. As a first timer to any form of healing and very basic knowledge of spiritual health. I had no expectations. In commencing the healing, Michael allowed me to understand the process that will occur and we began. Throughout, I believed it was working. Post healing, I immediately felt aligned. I felt calm and happy through what had occurred. I waited and reflected for weeks and eventually came to conclusion that I was experiencing long term benefits. I had not experienced a head ache or back pain. I slept when I was tired and felt more refreshed in the workplace and personal environment.
Something changed - Thanks Michael"


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