Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Hard Sell...

I had an interesting experience a few nights ago. I come across an advertisement for a talk by a visiting Swami from India and the topic of - leading an enlightened life through spiritual practice and the release of strong negative emotions - really resonated with me so I decided to check it out.

The talk was delayed for some reason and as it turned out the Swami was help up in India so someone spoke on his behalf. the experience was pleasurable and was a recap of topics I understand well but presented in a different way.

It has been close to eight months now where I have been living life from the throat chakra - flowing with and following my intuition. During the course this was presented in what the speaker termed 'initiating'. Preselected individuals of varying ages and backgrounds offered their experiences with the teachings and it was about this time when the sell commenced.

Personally I don't believe that enlightenment comes with a price - how can you put a price on this? It is something that can be achieved within so telling people to go to India isn't the way to encourage first timers or first time visitors to the organisation to experience enlightenment. So much consumerism is thrown at people these days and I believe people are tired of it. I say this already knowing that me spending time in India doing spiritual courses is something in my future but one has to be sensitive to how people receive the messages in such talks.

It was because of this and the many personal development emails I receive on a daily basis all wanting me to buy something that I am making a commitment to finding a way to offer my answer to people in a way that will speak to them - this is something that will present itself in my future.

So I encourage you to keep doing what resonates with you - what feels right - the most important answer is your answer.

Live your truth...

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