Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Create 'It'

There is something about creative people that really inspires me.

Some people often tap into their creative potential and others seem to have this ability to let it flow. It is something that is simply there - effortless.

The words - they come to them - they are not sure how but it ends up on the page. Musicians, poets and authors write of lost love, new beginnings and rebirth. This process is a form of healing in itself for writing of things in the past is a form of letting go and it has the ability then to shift the focus to what they 'do want' in their life.

Any form of creative expression I feel is a form of healing - I continue to invite this into my life and see one day the outcome will be what I have been moving towards my whole life. A personal freedom that I can share with individuals - something that I know will help them at any stage of life.

Some recurring things I have seen in my meditations lately are - two books, one big, one small - affirmation cards - a cheque for $18,000 - Published writing - A radio show...

These things just come to me and I feel that this happens for a reason. Could this be a creative form of meditation? Tapping into the creative potential through meditation, which in turn becomes visualisation...Interesting.

I lived in a past where expressing what I felt, personally or creatively, was a place of uncertainty. So I didn't venture there very often. It's nice to continue to reach new ground in myself and meet wonderfully talented people - poets, artists, musicians - here in Victoria...As each of you share a little piece of your journey - I continue to see new insights into my own journey to now.

So for anyone who doesn't think they are creative - know that you are. Find your way of expressing - the way that works for you.

Live your truth...

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