Monday, April 26, 2010

The optimal condition...

Do you ever find yourself searching for optimal conditions to do something you really want to do?

If this happens - I'll do this...When I have this - I can have that...If only there was more of this...then this will happen and i'll be happy.

These are thoughts I have had in the past. I found I didn't really end up doing much at all other than searching for the optimal condition to do all that I wanted to do.

I am happy to say that I have found the way of being that works for me. I now realise there is no optimal time or condition other than now. I realise this in this moment and each moment of the day.

Many people often turn our attention to us having only one life - one chance. But quite often that doesn't shift a persons focus to living. In today's world we can just about answer any question at the touch of a button - a quick search and there is the answer.

For me the thought or 'reality' rather that we only have one mind shifts the focus to purity. Purity of mind.

What are your thoughts - what is your mind saying?

Are you showing the world the person that you truly are? How are you defining yourself?

Are your thoughts kind or destructive?

If we focus on achieving a certain level of goodness or wholeness in thought then happiness presents itself, each individual you come across is better off as you will start to radiate this goodness. I like the term 'goodness' - goodness of thought - replaces overused terms like searching for happiness, inner peace and so on.

Goodness of thought...

Something you don't have to find.

Something that is you.

Live your truth...

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