Tuesday, January 5, 2010


On a walk to Sefton Park, Liverpool today I got to thinking about footsteps and walking towards our goals or just simply walking...some follow the path...some find a place within themselves to march toward what they want in life with no room for compromise.

When I got to the park I noticed that people had walked in places they normally wouldn't. Down embankments and gardens - that were obviously covered in snow - not places I would think that people would normally walk.

I saw the snow as offering some kind of security blanket or safety net for people to set their own path...free to go wherever.

We often hear about footprints in the sand (or in the snow in this case!) but what about the footprints we leave that don't leave a lasting impression? They are still there - you know them well - they are the ones we leave with every step, each day going to work or merely one's journey through life.

What kind of impression have you left today?

Know that that impression matters and the difference you can make is right now...


  1. Nice to hear from you Mick.

    It seems to me that for people living their truth they first have to find it. Seaching, searching, so much searching. Mix that with a few set backs and wrong paths and it all gets a bit convoluted and confusing.

    What I generally see from people that have found their truth is that there has been a defining moment, a turning point, like a switch has been flicked wherein the way forward suddenly becomes apparent and from then on they are more in sync with the universe.

    How to find the way....what to do babu?

  2. Hey Pete,

    It's about what speaks to you mate. If you think that there is just one moment and the switch is flicked then that is what you are looking for and it becomes an effort to 'look' for this moment.

    I made a decision a while back now that I wanted to take full responsibility for my life - my perceptions, my health, my relationships - that is what has worked for me but I see it as an ongoing process now...flowing with it and making new ground.

    Following your intuition and trusting that it is guiding you to all you want in life...your hopes...your dreams...then setbacks don't exist - there are no wrong paths - just moments where you are being guided. Feeling your way through life...